Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fall Fashion 2013

There isn't much time left before the leaves turn and it's time to get those coats back out of the closet. Sad to say but summer is drawing to a close. But what has made it's way into fall fashion this 2013 you ask? I took a look at the runways and came across these trends which you will be sure to see in stores soon (if they already haven't made their way in yet...)

Well let's take a look at what's hot this season.

1. Capes

Not how superman would do it, but it's way more stylish than that. Capes are IN this season and I love it. This particular one is by Dolce and Gabbana

2. Preppy 

Fall is synonymous with going back to school. So it would be foolish to think we wouldn't see a trend centered around the intellectual, the academically inspired. This is Tommy Hilfiger's line for Fall 2013. Makes me want to go back to school all over again...

3. Leather

Pretty self explanatory to say the least. And when I mean leather, it isn't just leather skirts or pants. It's whatever you can think of. Even undies! Calvin Klein 2013 collection.

4. Thigh high boots

Do these ever go out of style? I don't think so. Tom Ford 2013

5. Pleated skirts

Love the mint colour here, but yes pleated skirts are back and will be a trend for this fall. Chloe 2013 collection pre-fall.

6. Menswear fabric

You're confused by what I mean? Well fabrics usually seen on men during the fall season will make their way towards women's wear. I actually love the textures and hey can't beat the cold? This would definitely help! Chanel 2013.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Good Dress

A good dress.. No cross that. An amazing gown makes you feel beautiful. But even fashion is art in its purest form. It's literally art come to life.  I know I sound philosophical but after I share some of these gorgeous gowns with you. You will have to agree. I'm going all around the globe with this post, from the west to the east and all the way around again. I'll have another designer spotlight segment coming up soon... Maybe focus on another unknown designer to spark some popularity. 

Everyone loves ombre something. But this dress takes it to another level. The colours are impeccably done to taste and the look is soft yet elegant.

Valentino. Obviously most of us have heard the name. But given my latest obsession with florals, you didn't really think this post wouldn't have a floral pattern in it? But this dress is just intricate and so detailed. I'll give them a hand for this one.

Falguni & Shane. And you said India just does bollywood. Nope they apparently know their way around a thread and needle too! This has that futuristic feel to it with the geometric shapes and colours but screams chic. Love the cap sleeves.

Elie Saab couture and mint. What a combination. I... wow... no words. 

Amazing use of symmetry and it almost reminds me of the origami trend I touched upon in a previous post. It's just a pity that the designer is unknown to me.


Sabyasachi. I couldn't end this post without my favourite Indian designer. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Designer Spotlight: Nanette Lepore

She isn't new to the fashion world and she's damn good. I'm in love with her work. 
It's feminine with a touch of edge, it's flowy, it's chic. It's just WOW. 

NYC based, she knows what's in and she definitely makes it look sexy. 

Have a looksie for yourselves...