Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ombre [ lips ]

It's not a fashion post today. I wanted to change it up so I decided to comment on the ombre lip. Contrary to my previous assumptions, not only can hair and clothing be given the ombre effect, but so can lips... well I'll be!

I wanted to share this trend with those of you who love makeup as well as fashion. I feel like when it comes to fashion, clothing and makeup go hand in hand. I mean a super chic outfit or even a grunge look cannot be complete with the right lip and eye colour or even hairdo for that matter. If it wasn't so important we wouldn't be scouring for a makeup artist! 

So, here's some amazing lips in the ombre trend for those of us who are courageous and willing to try this out. Youtube has some amazing makeup gurus who also show you how to create these looks if interested. :)