Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Furry Soles

So this ones a bit... hmm... I don't know.

I mean I love furry slippers around the house on a cold winter's day. But would I step outside in them or anything that remotely resembled them? Umm I think I'll pass!

So this latest trend I saw in VOGUE kind of took me by surprise you can imagine... furry heels!
I mean they range from outrageously furry to where someone might think you actually stepped out in some homemade concoction, but some are done tastefully. I'm not a wearer of fur, because I just can't justify killing an animal for fashion. But my verdict on this trend? I think I'll pass on this trend. Not loving it at all. The fur booties (faux fur for me!) are cute in comparison to the heels, but to the heels I say no. Not doing it for me. I definitely will not be trying this trend out.

What about you?