Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Designer Spotlight: am:pm

There's been a lot of fusion between cultural garb and "western clothing" as they term it these days. I touched on that in the previous post as well, talking about the origami fashion trend erupting this spring/summer season. It was a big Asian influence on western wear, but now I want to talk about designers that you and I both don't really hear about. So I want to give some exposure and love to the little guys, with huge amounts of talent and creativity. Each week (hopefully) I want to pick out a designer and talk about them and showcase their work. 

I LOVE when eastern designers have their own take on well known American and European fashion designers and even vice versa, when Western-based designers go above and beyond to incorporate something from another culture into their work. I honestly believe that's a major plus when working and living in such multicultural areas around the world.

I absolutely am a fan of Indian clothing (of course being raised by two Indian parents could have influenced this...) but nonetheless, it's hard to ever be able to wear anything traditionally Indian in Toronto, unless you are going to an indian event. I love when Indian fashion designers take a fancy for western wear and have their own spin on it. So I was thinking, why not take a day out of the week to introduce you guys to some designers that you might not have otherwise even heard of. I won't just be talking about Indian designers but pretty much scour the internet and fashion magazines to bring you some unique and talented individuals from just about everywhere. I'm going to call this segment of my blog "designer spotlight".

So today's fashion designer?


Kinda sounds like I'm talking about an alarm clock or something, but nope. It's actually their initials, pretty cool huh? Nice idea for a label too I must say. So the creators of the AM:PM line are Ankur and Priyanka Modi. This couple started off their creativity and love for contemporary fashion in New Delhi, India and has since then branched out, with small boutiques carrying their lines not only in major Indian cities but even across the world.

So now that you know a bit about these designers, let me show you some of their skills as well...

My verdict = ***/5

It's nice and chic, but some items seem more catered to the working woman, or the conservative one. The colour range seems to always incorporate either white or a dark blue/black. I think the use of fabric and draping is well done, but they need to take more risks with it.

Price range: 230 USD and up