Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ombre [ lips ]

It's not a fashion post today. I wanted to change it up so I decided to comment on the ombre lip. Contrary to my previous assumptions, not only can hair and clothing be given the ombre effect, but so can lips... well I'll be!

I wanted to share this trend with those of you who love makeup as well as fashion. I feel like when it comes to fashion, clothing and makeup go hand in hand. I mean a super chic outfit or even a grunge look cannot be complete with the right lip and eye colour or even hairdo for that matter. If it wasn't so important we wouldn't be scouring for a makeup artist! 

So, here's some amazing lips in the ombre trend for those of us who are courageous and willing to try this out. Youtube has some amazing makeup gurus who also show you how to create these looks if interested. :)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Furry Soles

So this ones a bit... hmm... I don't know.

I mean I love furry slippers around the house on a cold winter's day. But would I step outside in them or anything that remotely resembled them? Umm I think I'll pass!

So this latest trend I saw in VOGUE kind of took me by surprise you can imagine... furry heels!
I mean they range from outrageously furry to where someone might think you actually stepped out in some homemade concoction, but some are done tastefully. I'm not a wearer of fur, because I just can't justify killing an animal for fashion. But my verdict on this trend? I think I'll pass on this trend. Not loving it at all. The fur booties (faux fur for me!) are cute in comparison to the heels, but to the heels I say no. Not doing it for me. I definitely will not be trying this trend out.

What about you?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Tartan Trend

I remember tartan from the MAC collection they released about a year ago, but now it's making its way into clothing. I have yet to see it on the street but it's already hitting stores like Topshop and also high end designers like Chanel and Versace. So what do I think of this trend? I don't hate it, although the type of print does matter to me.  

If you guys aren't familiar with tartan, not to worry, it's basically just a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines in a wide range of colours. I'm sure you must have spotted this sometime in your life. Maybe even on your school uniform? (if you had one). 

If not, here's some pictures of the current trend hitting the runways:

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Designer spotlight: Courtney Allegra

Maybe not that unknown anymore, but I had to talk about her and all she's accomplished at such a young age! Courtney started off her career when she was just 15 years old! Drawing out ideas in school and only thinking about launching her fashion career one day. She entered her designs into a fashion show and the rest was history...

Well now, she has her very own website where she showcases her clothing and has even dressed some celebs! If you guys watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC then you might have spotted her creation on Janel Parrish (who plays Mona)!

Or maybe the well known Kim Kardashian? 

Courtney's clothing is very edgy and modern, made for a more daring girl. I would say it's geared towards the teen - young adult age range. Definitely helps that she herself fits into this age bracket as well. You will definitely find some leather in her wardrobe. Here's a looksie at her creations:

It's fresh, colourful and edgy for the young, sporty girl. It's not really my style but I give her 5 stars for effort.

My verdict: **/5

Price range: $89.99 USD and up

Ear Cuffs

The title is self explanatory and I apologize that it's not witty, but it's way too early for me so my capacity for wittiness is kinda limited at the moment... was I ever witty to begin with? Hmm... Anyways, let's get into it. So you know when you read a fashion magazine, there's ways of reading it, some people just flip to see the pretty pictures, some to smell the new perfumes that have released (and maybe rub it on themselves... just saying! Ok so maybe I've done this a few times...). Then there's the ones who look for the quizzes or the personal horror/advice stories to read. And then there's the people who really intensely read for ideas and inspiration. I have to say I think I've become one of the latter. 

Nowadays when I go through fashion magazines, I find myself jotting down and even using post it tabs to remind myself to blog about an idea or a fashion trend that's popped up. And that's how today's blog came to light. You might get lucky today if I decide to do the designer spotlight post today as well. I'm trying to be more diligent with my blogging as of late. I want to reach out to as many people as I can and I think it is working... it's going to take some hard work and a lot of time but I'm up for it. I know a lot of people are curious as to when the website will be launching with cute clothes and accessories. I'm happy to say it's coming along, but I want to do it right so we're looking at a late summer/fall time period at the moment. I know what I want it to look like and I don't want to give you guys a second rate experience shopping, so bear with us :)

So onto the topic at hand... ear cuffs! I don't know if you guys have seen anyone wearing them, but they were mentioned in VOGUE magazine in the May issue and I've seen it make it's way onto the ears of famous celebs around the globe. It seems like earrings either get larger, or they creep their way up our ears nowadays. But this season's trend (for ears that is) is to either go big or go home.

What's your take? My verdict = Meh, don't hate it but I'm not into having a snake crawling on my ear. I prefer the subtle ones. I like the winged look but I think simple is key for this trend. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Going Gatsby

I haven't seen the movie yet (I will) but one things for certain, The Great Gatsby has made its mark on the social scene already. Flapper dresses and even menswear have gotten a new inspiration from this book turned movie. Of course any movie with Leo is one that I would never miss but I love the drama and the tribute to the 1920's that the outfits give. 

I was browsing Vogue magazine 2 weeks ago and they have entire pages devoted to this look, with Mulligan on the cover in full Gatsby flare. Even recent brides have taken inspiration with the hair pieces and jewels galore.

So what's your take on this trend? Do you feel like it should stay in the 20's or would you dare to wear?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Orange you glad you read this

Ok that was a bad title. very bad. But hey finding nemo was taken and I didn't want to look like a copycat. Anyways, if you have no idea what I'm talking about chances are you're not alone on that one. Orange and white is what I meant, the trend that is of mixing orange and white colour palettes together to create a chic and cute outfit for this season.

Hopefully it's warm where you are.. mother nature has been very shady here in Toronto unfortunately. Weird weather, yesterday I could have sworn it was freezing rain! But hopefully next week is back to normal and hot hot hot!

Anyways... back to the subject at hand. Orange and white, very in this season. And just all around ORANGE itself as well. So I'll shut up now and share.

Also, if you guys liked last weeks designer spotlight, I'm going to be doing another one this week, so stay tuned for that!  And please comment and interact with me, I would LOVE some honest feedback. What you guys like/don't like and any ideas? Please share your thoughts :) 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Designer Spotlight: am:pm

There's been a lot of fusion between cultural garb and "western clothing" as they term it these days. I touched on that in the previous post as well, talking about the origami fashion trend erupting this spring/summer season. It was a big Asian influence on western wear, but now I want to talk about designers that you and I both don't really hear about. So I want to give some exposure and love to the little guys, with huge amounts of talent and creativity. Each week (hopefully) I want to pick out a designer and talk about them and showcase their work. 

I LOVE when eastern designers have their own take on well known American and European fashion designers and even vice versa, when Western-based designers go above and beyond to incorporate something from another culture into their work. I honestly believe that's a major plus when working and living in such multicultural areas around the world.

I absolutely am a fan of Indian clothing (of course being raised by two Indian parents could have influenced this...) but nonetheless, it's hard to ever be able to wear anything traditionally Indian in Toronto, unless you are going to an indian event. I love when Indian fashion designers take a fancy for western wear and have their own spin on it. So I was thinking, why not take a day out of the week to introduce you guys to some designers that you might not have otherwise even heard of. I won't just be talking about Indian designers but pretty much scour the internet and fashion magazines to bring you some unique and talented individuals from just about everywhere. I'm going to call this segment of my blog "designer spotlight".

So today's fashion designer?


Kinda sounds like I'm talking about an alarm clock or something, but nope. It's actually their initials, pretty cool huh? Nice idea for a label too I must say. So the creators of the AM:PM line are Ankur and Priyanka Modi. This couple started off their creativity and love for contemporary fashion in New Delhi, India and has since then branched out, with small boutiques carrying their lines not only in major Indian cities but even across the world.

So now that you know a bit about these designers, let me show you some of their skills as well...

My verdict = ***/5

It's nice and chic, but some items seem more catered to the working woman, or the conservative one. The colour range seems to always incorporate either white or a dark blue/black. I think the use of fabric and draping is well done, but they need to take more risks with it.

Price range: 230 USD and up