Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Street Style continued

I wanted to do an update to what's been going on with fashion that's been incorporated on the streets. Also I want to say Hello to everyone who reads my blog daily :)

I know you guys are out there but too shy to say hello... but I would LOVE it if you guys commented or interacted with me. Even twitter! I would love some constructive criticism even on what you would like to see more, or what you don't want to see. I'm all open :) So please don't be shy! Also I will do an update on what's been going on at Lady Burgundy and when we hope to launch in another blog update soon. Also please like our facebook page if you haven't done so already :) All the little things matter in helping us achieve our dream. 

So back to street style and what's been going on in that world. Runway styles are usually incorporated into what we see on the streets but sometimes they are tweaked a bit (or maybe a whole lot... I mean there are some styles that really are out there!)

So without further adieu, here's what's popular right now:

* also a disclaimer, these beautiful photos are NOT the property of Lady Burgundy. I just simply love sharing photos and these are the property of FLARE.com