Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Put a ring on it

So rings and dainty jewelry have always been something I've been obsessed with and the trend this spring is wearing rings on multiple fingers and not just on a single one. And I'm not talking about huge cocktail rings either. 

I recently picked up a super cute set of rings for this trend and Target has such amazing jewelry. I also love the fact that most of the manufacturers are Canadian.

And now when we talk about rings in general, you have the rings that you wear normally, that slide all the way down your finger but there's new rings emerging and perhaps you've already seen them on the street or runway. But I wanted to share all types of ring trends with you. 
One of these trends includes the phalanx rings which don't exactly go all the way down your finger but stay above near your nails. I have yet to buy a phalanx ring but there are also some really cute DIY's on this trend which I will try and find and post up.

Then there's the chain rings, which go around the upper finger like the phalanx rings but include a bracelet attached to the ring. The bracelet and rings are connected by a chain, hence the name chain rings.

And lastly the rings that cover the entire nail and kind of remind me of a thimble used in sewing. I've seen this one on Kim Kardashian, and this one is known as nail rings.