Sunday, 28 April 2013

Delft wear

Ok so a bit of a history lesson for some of you.. or maybe a fashion lesson.
Delftware was basically that blue and white pattern from Delft, Netherlands that you saw so much as a kid, or maybe even now if you're into vintage plates and cups.

This is what I'm talking about:

So interestingly enough, I don't know exactly how it all started but delft has become such a trend this season. I've seen a top in H&M already and even in ZARA a few months ago.

I absolutely LOVE the pattern and I just adore the blue and white combo for spring. Very unique and very chic. This print, originally found on pottery is no longer going to be just on your plates and cups. Nope. It's already adorned the bods of some of Hollywood's famous actresses in the forms of body hugging dresses, skirts and tops.

What's your take on delft print on clothing? Love or hate it for this spring season? My verdict: LOVE!