Sunday, 28 April 2013

Delft wear

Ok so a bit of a history lesson for some of you.. or maybe a fashion lesson.
Delftware was basically that blue and white pattern from Delft, Netherlands that you saw so much as a kid, or maybe even now if you're into vintage plates and cups.

This is what I'm talking about:

So interestingly enough, I don't know exactly how it all started but delft has become such a trend this season. I've seen a top in H&M already and even in ZARA a few months ago.

I absolutely LOVE the pattern and I just adore the blue and white combo for spring. Very unique and very chic. This print, originally found on pottery is no longer going to be just on your plates and cups. Nope. It's already adorned the bods of some of Hollywood's famous actresses in the forms of body hugging dresses, skirts and tops.

What's your take on delft print on clothing? Love or hate it for this spring season? My verdict: LOVE!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Colour my water. Watercolour trend

I LOVE the way this looks on clothing. I've been on the hunt for a watercolour dress for spring since winter, and although I've seen some contenders. Some really break the bank or are just not my style.
I think the watercolour trend is so chic and very trendy this season, not to mention it just screams spring! 

Do I sound excited yet? Well I am!
This trend is one that I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate because it looks so delicate and feminine. Perfect for the season. I've seen some long dresses on the runway already and a lot of watercolour pants as well. I HAD to share this.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Spring Hats - Trends and Types

I love hats, I mean I love the fedora and the big sun hats that you often see on ladies walking around at the beach. Not that I've been to the beach yet.. have you seen the weather here? So gloomy, so wet. Ugh... just want it to get a bit warmer already! and no rain please!

So onto today's post. I wanted to discuss hats actually. What are some of the hat trends that are popular for spring 2013 and which will of course run into summer 2013 as well. There are the larger hats that I mentioned already and smaller ones as well. Many of them are a modern take on a past hat trend, such as the cloche hats that were famous in the 20's (cloche is french for bell). It's a smaller hat but very cute this spring. I think it would look best with some vintage attire, and very cute feminine pieces. 

Here are some of the hats that are popular this season. Which one's do you like (if any)? And are you a hat person?  Let me know in the comments below. ;)

So let's go through the different types of hats that you may encounter this season shall we?

The Sun Hat

The Panama

The Visor Hat

The Baseball Cap

The Boater Hat

The Trilby (kinda resembles the fedora)

The Cloche 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Burgundy... took me long enough!

Why haven't I already made a blog post on this gorgeous colour. For obvious reasons?!
I ADORE burgundy and there's such variety in this colour too, not to mention it's super hot this spring and was hot for the past seasons as well. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of burgundy jeans but I love these outfits I came across. I had to share.

So enjoy... all things BURGUNDY!

Yikes for Walking

I'm not much a 5 inch high heel girl. Heck I freak out over anything above 3.5 but then there are those very risk-ay heels I've been seeing in some shops and in magazines. I often wonder to myself if anyone even wears them, and if so HOW? I don't know how realistic it is and how safe (physically speaking) for your heels to be up that high or with all that weight on them, but maybe you haven't seen these crazy heels for yourselves so I had to show you all what I've come across.

kinda remind me of Lady Gaga...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Baroque. Rustic. Modern. Vintage flair

Home decor oh how I love thee... 

I've often dreamed about buying an old home and updating it with modern furniture and an awesome kitchen with amazing appliances to boot. I know this isn't really a fashion related post but I just felt like sharing some amazing home decor ideas with you all today. 2 posts in one day... must be a record for me huh? So anyways, I love old refurbished furniture with a modern twist and also some amazing vintage items with modern furniture.

Here's some ideas related to home decor that I love, now I just need to save up and buy a house to experiment on. ;)