Saturday, 23 February 2013

Jelly Clutch

Hmmm... yes I'm still deciding on whether or not I like this new idea by Christopher Kane, but it seems to be popular amongst many fashionistas so I had to talk about it. So Christopher Kane has come up with the jelly clutch... and basically that's exactly what it is. It's a jelly like substance in the form of a clutch. Did I explain that correctly? 

I think a picture of it would help more than my explanation any day. Basically it's supposed to be "aqua gel-filled" but the kicker is  that these retail for about $720 USD! Yes! Holy moly for a simple clutch?! And that too one made not out of a high end material but jelly... I think not! I would rather use that money and buy myself that Tory Burch Robinson that I've been oogling at online. But to each their own. What's your take on this? Would you purchase it? If so, how does $720 dollars sound to you?
Let me know your thoughts!

But of course you can't really make a decision without knowing how it here it is:

Oh and yes... people can definately see the contents of your clutch. So hide those items carefully my friend ;)