Friday, 22 February 2013

I dream of denim

I was browsing through so many fashion magazines and online stores and noticed one thing. Every store was denim crazy! I loved the items and it's funny how faded jeans are back when they weren't so popular a few years ago. Do you remember the days when skinny jeans were whatever and flares were all the rage? Man do I feel old!

So I browsed H&M, Vero Moda and even Costa Blanca and their clothing is cute and so denim-y. I know it's not a word. I just coined it.

I'm sure if you're a shopper or a fashion forward person you know all about this craze. I mean we've seen the spikey, the floral, the animal print and the neons come and go. I think spring and summer will continue to have pastels dominate, especially with nail polish colours. On a side note, have you seen Drew Barrymore's new makeup line called Flower Beauty? Talk about some GORGEOUS nail colours! It will be unfortunately sold exclusively at Wal-mart stores only, and I have no idea when or if Canadian Wal-marts will get this line. I've heard the colour range is great and the packaging I have to say IS super adorable. I'll post a verdict on the line when I can get my hands on the products. The nail colours were what drew me to the line the most.

Anyways, back on track. We were talking about denim... ah yes denim! So now that we're back on track, I've seen a lot of it recently. There's floral print denim skinnies from faded shirts and bedazzled shoulders. Here's some of the pieces that I would love to get in my closet: